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Its a Good Match…

Gifting goes to a new level with the idea of matching gifts. If you are new to this idea and looking for an interesting way to gift this year, then matching gifts are the way to go!

Perfectly matched mum and baby gifts is a definite head turner ! Matching Gifts takes the hassle out of gifting more than one person, especially if its an occasion where you need more than one gift! – knock out two (or more) gifts in one personalised triumph.

Here we are going to talk about Giving Mum and baby something they both will cherish ! In fact, giving Mum a way to match with baby creates an instant bond between them when they use the gift ! The list of possible options for combining matching gifts is actually endless! However for the sake of this post well stick to some key major jaw dropping, hit making, party pleasing ones that are sure to be a hit with Mum, mums friends and baby too!

Make it unique, personalised and thoughtful with the below options:

Matching Blankets

Surprise and treat Mum and baby to cosy and comfy nap time with matching blankets. Here at Taz Gift Shop we have you tots covered with printed or embroidered blankets personalized and custom made for you especially to beat the cold season Click here for matching blankets personalized soft-fleece-blanket

Some interesting options would be printing a cheerful one liner for Mum and for baby creating a timeless nighttime experience for both. By matching colours of blankets, it creates a unique sentimental keepsake for after the baby is grown too. Mum and baby can snuggle together and enjoy their personal time together in a meaningful lasting memorably special way.

Embroidered Towels

Make Bath time fun, interesting and colourful ! with a personalized towels set for Mummy and baby, and better still, with Mum and baby’s name embroidered on it ! It’s a instant bond builder . We have hooded baby towels for baby which can be matched with Mums towel! They will match and it will suit Mum and baby’s age and needs too. To create an awesome cohesive colour palette, match towel colours and maybe contract embroidery colours to really brighten up Mum and baby’s bathing experience. And lets not leave Dad out, add a towel in for Dad too click here towels for matching towels.

Matching Bathrobes

It’s never a dull moment when Mummy and baby are all matched up in their adorable, embroidered bathrobes, ready for bath time! It add to the fun of bathing for baby and if Dad is around it’s becomes a family treat for all! It’s the perfect accessory for winter or any season, in a soft comfy snuggly material taken to the next level with matching or contrasting colours & embroidery of their names or initials catered to taste and preference. It’s a picture perfect moment for the family! Click here for adult bathrobes and matching baby ones to order a personalised robe and bath robe for dad

Embroidered Cushions

Printed or Embroidered Cushions are the way to go with a personalized touch and sure to add sparkle, colour and burst of energy to any room ! especially if matched up well with names or initials as a gift from someone we love! Such a  heartfelt and touching gift is sure to be appreciated by Mum Dad and co. The baby cushion would be a perfect addition to nursery and the adult cushion an addition to Mums bed or  her favourite room.

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