Scented Candles Gift Set


A 4 pack of scented candles with calming, soothing and refreshing scents of – lavender, jasmine, vanilla and rose that provide a long lasting relaxing fragrance, with 20 hours of burn time +80 hours of combustion,  with 5% pure-grade essential oil to help relax the body and mind with the perfect amount of charming fragrance. It has a compact easy to carry size, made from 100% Natural Soy Wax , no artificial dyes or coloring , burn smoke-free plus once finished with candles, the decorative tins can be reused for jewellery, keepsake or any other small home items.

It is ideal for aromatherapy, creating mood or stress relief, relaxation and a gift too! Plus not forgetting, perfect for  dinner parties and where ever you go its an ideal self care ritual companion  during praying,  yoga, meditation.


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