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Teacher Appreciation Gifts

What is the best way to treat a teacher? He or She has been there through the good times and every time in between for your child at school ? You want to appreciate him or her in a thoughtful and creatively way! Here is a list of our top 12 teacher appreciation gifts! Enjoy! And make sure to check out our range of teacher appreciation items @

  1. Personalised Notebook with Pen – teacher will certainly appreciate a gift that has her name on it which would go to show the thought that went into having it personalised !
  2. Wooden desk stationery holder – a practical and handy gift like a holder for his or her stationery is the perfect addition to teachers’ desk essentials and shall definitely make the teacher feel loved and appreciated!
  3. Personalised bookmarks – it’s the perfect add on item and will surely be useful for Teacher during their book reading moments!
  4. Personalised Scarf , Mug & Scented Candles – how about the perfect combo of feel good décor + fashion for the Teacher  who loves both! She would treasure the scarf, make use of the mug while having her tea or coffee breaks and decorate her desk with beautiful scents that bring a breath of fresh air into her office space!
  5. Chocolate explosion box – this is sure to be a hit at school and have the teachers and students talk about it… a gift box that opens with surprise sweet treats! + available at Taz Gift Shop to treat Teacher and appreciate all the ways she makes school a better experience for the kids.
  6. Healthy Treats Hamper – delight Teacher today with a gift that shows you care for her health and well-being! The hamper contains from healthy snack bar, healthy smoothie drink, organic lotion and cream set, ecofriendly indoor diffuser or room perfume and an ecofriendly stationery set!
  7. Office / Tote bags –she or he will never need to worry about having all her school and office essentials all in one place, with a tote bag as a perfect gift that goes one step further with a personalised name or message on it, Teacher will certainly love the thought that went into such a practical and creative gift!
  8. Personalised office mugs – you can never go wrong with this gift as Teachers always have their regular breaks between classes and such a gift goes a mile is showing them you appreciate them for all they do!
  9. Stationery office gift set (pen, keychain, wallet, speakers, notebook and thermos bottle) – it’s a win- win gift and speaks volumes about the thought that went into gifting Teacher ! It a gift that he or she will be able to use at school and shall definitely complete her desk essentials kit – its one she can even tell all the rest of the Teachers about !
  10. Lunch hamper/ Tea / Coffee break hamper – we cannot forget this gift from our list of top 12 best teacher appreciation gifts as this one is a sure shot winner since it brings all the delights of individual items into one combined gift hamper experience! – the hamper includes delicious tea and coffee break snacks, biscuits / cookies, herbal or flavored health drink, chocolate bar, his or her favorite dessert in a box, coffee /tea / a mug / thermos bottle, tray / lunch plate, crockery and cutlery set (optional), flower and scented candle
  11. Clock – wall or table clock – how about make Teacher feel like you value him or her and their time – with a timeless masterpiece mantel or wall décor item that is both decorative and purposeful! And we have them @ Taz Gift Shop.
  12. Office Decoration piece – a vase, bowl, table decor or office art piece in her favorite colour  – if you know Teacher loves decoration and art, she or he is the Art or biology teacher or has flowers on her desk ! you can never go wrong with decor gift! How about a piece of art created by you or her student ? Office decoration are a heart touching idea that refreshen the senses, add a touch of colour to any space +  is sure to leave Teacher speechless as she or he would never expect such a uniquely crafted, creative and thoughtful gift!