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Easter Bunny is Hopping in to say Hello! with Eggcellent Ideas for Delightful Treats!

Easter is around the corner and we are extremely excited to have our Easter bunny hop into Taz Gift Shop with ideas to make this Easter one to remember! whether you are celebrating with family at home, with friends or colleagues at the office there is something for everyone!

Interesting Fact : Eggs represent new life and rebirth, and it’s thought that this ancient custom became a part of Easter celebrations. In the medieval period, eating eggs was forbidden during Lent (40 days before Easter) so on Easter Sunday, receiving an egg was a real treat!

Here is our choice of go to easter gifts that are must haves to welcome the Easter Mood ….

  1. To get you Hopping with Joy this Easter  ! – Easter Bunny Chocolates Hampers filled with chocolate eggs of different sizes and shapes and easter bunny chocolates are the perfect treat to gift family or friends!

  2. Something to tickle their taste buds – who doesn’t like to be treated to their favourite snacks and sweets ! For the sweet tooths, there is always the option this Easter of a mixed sweet treats hamper! (which includes chocolate eggs, truffles, personalized easter egg themed chocolate bars, hidden chocolate treats, easter egg cookies or biscuits, easter themed cupcakes, muffins or cake loaf )

  3. A testament to how much you care – their favourite Hobby item! If you are gifting someone close to you and you happen to know their favourite hobby, whether it is cooking, baking, site-seeing, gardening or any other recreation activity gift is the ideal way to remind them how much they are appreciated and also makes for an enjoyable and valuable gift too!

  4. Spring Themed Gifts – Easter is the perfect time to celebrate nature, a plant in a pot e.g. tulip or orchid, or seed packets are the perfect way to show adults and children alike how enjoyable growing plants can be! Include a few packets of seeds in a family or corporate gift hamper, a fluffy bunny or toy animals  into a children’s easter hamper to introduce children to the animals that pop up during this festive time.Don’t forget for children’s easter hamper there is always the option of including bunny slippers, chicken or egg costumes or outfits to add fun to the festive season!

  5. My Favourite Drink is…! Tea or Coffee or a Nonalcoholic drink e.g. grape juice drink is the perfect addition to your Easter gift giving whether its for the tea / coffee lovers or the soft drink lovers, any drink of their choice is always welcome!

  6. Functionally Fit! – as a stand-alone gift or as part of the gift hamper, the meaningful way to feel appreciated is through gifting a practical functional gift eg. table lamp, apron and chopping board, wearable gift, smart gadget phone cover, mug or water bottle gift, stationery gift set!

  7. Thoughtful gifting – You went the extra mile by thinking of them, every time they see that item they are reminded of you! such are the personalised gifts that have the receivers name on them and why not include one into your Easter gifting list /hamper!

  8. For the young at heart! – how about make it a playful experience by keeping surprise easter eggs inside the Easter Hamper! It adds to the thrill and excitement of Easter time when finding surprise treats inside a wonderfully crafted gift hamper!

  9. Let them decide! –  an Easter Gift Voucher courtesy of Taz Gift Shop Ltd lets the receiver decide what they want this Easter! It’s the go to option when there is less time to decide a gift or not sure what to gift!

  10. Turning it into a Creative Affair! – For the creative, how about an egg decorating kit which includes colouring pens, paints and paintbrush too!

Interesting Fact : Based on a Ukrainian tradition called pysanka, egg decorating is a fun activity for the whole family to take part in over Easter.

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 Make it an Eggciting & Eggstraordinary Easter Eggstravaganza !