To Help you Protect Yourself, Your loved ones and your community during COVID-19 , we are encouraging contactless delivery maintaining social distancing measures at all times. We are ensuring all our sales and delivery personnel are fully prepared with masks, proper hand washing and safety measures during the dispatch, collection and delivery process.We prefer cashless payment method for all transactions and are currently accepting MPESA / bank transfer . We are limiting payments via cash during this covid 19 time and appreciate your understanding during this time.

We remain committed to safe deliveries :

“Leave at door” delivery
– we’re encouraging the use of no-contact delivery. Please select Leave at door at checkout.

Wash your hands
Based on guidance from public health authorities, it’s highly recommended that you wash your hands regularly—especially after receiving your order and using it.

We’re regularly keeping up to date with safety best practices from public health authorities. We are encouraged to ensure that all items delivered are sealed in secure packaging.

For anyone who drives or delivers on behalf of us, we’re providing financial assistance in the event of a COVID-19 diagnosis. For those making deliveries, we are working to provide sanitizing supplies to them throughout this time. Delivery people are critical to supporting our communities so please do consider tipping as thank you to them. 

We offer the following delivery options:

Delivery within Nairobi – KSh.250

Delivery outside Nairobi – variable depending on location

Delivery outside Nairobi – payment upon delivery – dependent on location in Kenya (varies from KShs. 300 – 850) Courier services used : Mash, Fargo Courier, InterCity Shuttle Service

What if we get an incorrect or incomplete address?
If we ship an item or order to an incorrect address then it will be returned to us. Unfortunately, shipper charge us a flat KShs. 1500 to return the package, which we must in turn charge you. Once a package with an incorrect or incomplete address has left the building there is little we can do. On occasion we can reroute a package to the proper address for a fee but this is not always successful. Either way the package will be returned to us and must be sent back out for delivery. Our shipper ( Fargo Courier , Sendy) will call us to tell us that there is a problem delivering the package. In these rare instances, we ask for your patience and promise in return to do everything in our power to make sure your item arrives in perfect condition and as soon as possible.

Are your delivery times guaranteed?
We do our best to make sure your order arrives to you as soon as possible or as is indicated in our delivery times. If our delivery partner misses the delivery then we will refund the shipping.  Please know that if the recipient is not home and was unable to deliver the package, this does not qualify as missing the delivery. Also, circumstances beyond our control, such as severe weather, natural disasters void the delivery guarantee.

Can I send a package internationally?
Taz Gift Shop does not currently ship internationally.

Do recipients have to be present to receive their packages?
As long as there is someone to receive the parcel when delivered we will deliver to the address assigned in the checkout process. If the package can be safely left then they are instructed to do so, that way the recipient will receive their gift on the day it was intended. If they cannot leave the package in a secure location (door man /building) the driver will have to come back later, and very often it is delivered on the next day.

How do you package your items?
We use state-of-the-art instant foam packaging in carefully packaged carton boxes and or gift bags/gift baskets or boxes. If required, The foam is perfectly formed to the contents of your gift and will require zero cleanup or hassle.

Shipping (during summer/hot weather months)
During warmer months, if chocolates or other edibles are ordered they will arrive with ice packs and cannot be shipped over the weekend. We do this to make sure that you’re your items arrive in best condition. 

What if the gift is going to a hospital?
If a gift is being shipped to a hospital for a patient, it is delivered to a receiving area. From there, the hospital staff brings the package to a patient’s room. This process could delay the package from being delivered to a recipient for several hours and, depending on the time of day that it is initially delivered, the package might not get to the recipient until the next day. This process is to ensure the safety and privacy of the patients in the hospital.

What if the gift is going to a college?
If a gift is being shipped to a college, the package is most often delivered to the Campus Mail Room or Reception. This occurs even unless exact address, complete with door number, is on a package. Please ensure for college deliveries a contact name and number is provided of direct receiver of item.

What if the gift is going to a business?
If a gift is being shipped to a business, our rider or delivery person will deliver the package to the designated area where they deliver all other packages to the company. This may be a reception, front or a welcome desk, or an administrative desk. Many companies do not allow the delivery drivers to enter an office in pursuit of a recipient, so once the package has been signed for, it is the companies’ responsibility and sender to make sure the item reaches the correct person.

Exchange/Substitution Policy
In some isolated cases, we will occasionally run out of a specific item. While this does not occur often, we reserve the right to substitute the unavailable item for a different one of equal value with your permission. We will always inform you once an item is not in stock and whether you accept an alternative.


We offer 4 main payment options:

M-PESA on Delivery – only within Nairobi

Pre-paid M-PESA – for orders outside Nairobi + orders above KShs. 6500

Pesapal – includes most common credit cards, Airtel Money

We do not accept cash at this time.

We request all customers to please make sure you have enough money on your M-PESA before making transaction .