Valentine’s Day– 4 Romantic Things To Do

Being in love feels like butterflies, rainbows, marshmallows and lots of chocolate. Doesn’t it? Valentines is the best time to rekindle love, show love, share love and remind those we love that they matter to us. If you are head over heels in love with your partner, if you want to remind Mum or Dad they mean so much, if you want to surprise friends with roses for a change (or make up for the time you forgot their birthday?)…. Then this is the chance! you really don’t want to miss. With valentines day around the corner, basically less than a month away…. Lovers are busy planning how to celebrate and express their love !… Tornado Cash and we are busy making it easy for you… You can really make it one to remember this year , outdo yourself this V- day by planning a dream day with your significant other. Here are some romantic ways you can indulge and etch cherishable memory in his or her heart this Valentines :

1.     Our Favourite! Because its that easy!… A Couples Massage Date

Escape the hustle and bustle!..relax, unwind and pamper you and your partner to a very soothing couples spa day. Its time to attain inner peace, relax  those tired legs after a hard weeks work ( especially during this Corona time! when its been all systems go since last year!) Breath in some fresh air, refresh your senses and rejuvenate yourselves ready for the new week ahead. Buy a couples massage voucher/add it into a gift hamper courtesy of Taz Gift Shop.

2.     A weekend getaway! Somewhere both of You ! Love!…

What is going to be more romantic and relaxing then a weekend getaway to your nearest but best get away spot. And there are tonnes to choose from. As we head out of Nairobi, there are spectacles of landscape still unexplored and guaranteed to be a the most relaxing weekend you two have had for a long time! or lets say since Corona hit us !…. Flights are opened, better yet, road trip or train it! …Taz Gift Shop has get away gift vouchers available this Valentines, partnering with local travel agents to bring you a weekend get away package deals you wont regret! Get in touch with us to find out more!

3. A classy dinner date + Movie Date ….

Sounds rather cliché  – candle light dinner on Valentines Day but even in 2021! We are all about making the old school romantic ideas new school! Dress up together, have a dinner for two booked at his or her favourite spot or a surprise spot! Enjoy a ( romantic) movie together and then head to your favourite venue for a meal for just the two of you! (would help to have a place that has a band playing soft romantic music)

4.     Beach/Long walk, Icecream, Sunset and Twinkling Stars

What does visit to the beach side, long drive, listing to your favourite songs, icecream and as the day comes to an end, watching sunset together and having a bonfire dinner under the stars sound like? Sometimes spending the whole day with your partner appreciating the simple things is the best Valentines you can ever have!If the beach isn’t a stone throw away, then a walk/long drive does the trick! Just being in your partners company matters more than anything.


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