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10 Unique ways to Surprise Dad on Fathers Day!

When its that time of the year to celebrate Dad, there are plenty of ways to make his day! Share the best memories with the best Dad in the world, with gifts that are sure to put a smile on his face and take it one stage up with a personalized gift  with his photo and a personalized message. Here is a list of 10 ways to surprise Dad on Fathers Day :

1.Rekindle Memories with a Photo Book or Album!

A photo book is a special keepsake collective gift for Dad. Let’s collect all his favourite memories into one book! He will definitely be looking back on all those amazing moments and recalling the fun, amazing times you had with him !

2. Sports Wear customized for Sporty Dad!

If Dad is the type who loves the outdoor and sports, there is nothing better than a sportswear set or workout kit personalized with his name, or his favourite team! He is sure to appreciate it!

3. Making his work place a place that works!

It is definitely the perfect place to decorate or revamp because its where he spends most of his day ( if he’s part of the daily grind!). And if he’s retired or works from home, there is still a lot that can be done to liven up his work space. Why not start with personalized office supplies that are sure to cheer him up every time he looks at them while busy at work !

4. Jokes Aside, this is the gift for Dad!

How about a fun humorous gift that you know Dad will love! Because you just know him ! His photo or a family photo on a cushion, you favourite Dad joke on a cushion, apron, socks or any of our other personalized gifts !

5. Decorate a room for him with his favourite memories!

This is the surely the perfect way to truly surprise him! Why not gift him a photo print or framed print / wooden art piece with some of his favourite moments of life!

6. Say thank you with a Thank You Party!

We know his favourites, whether it’s a TV program, film, sporting event and all that can be turned into a lasting themed event! And that is definitely through party decorations customized with No 1 Dad or Happy Fathers Day ! Why not try out our personalized hot air balloons

7. Cool Dad deserves cool stuff!

The coolest stand out gifts are those that Dad knows are cool and that make Dad look cool ! How about one of our personalized cool personalized socks with a cool message on it! customized socks with his name with a mug combo to finish it off! socks with a mug set  or customized chocolates with a message for him and a family photo or photos with him on the wrapper of the chocolates! We have them at Taz Gift Shop !

8. All Suited and Booted!

How about take Dad out treat him to a special surprise dinner out ! and there surprise him with a unique tie, cuff links personalized wallet and watch ! You know Dads fashion taste, so why not treat him to an accessory item he will love!

9. A surprise get away for Dad to relax!

Let’s combine a surprise ticket to special vacation spot with some personalized travel gifts such as eye mask, slippers with his name, socks, a new travel pouch with grooming kit and perfume! He will be impressed that you  really went out of your way ! and he will truly remember that moment as one of the best memories !

10. Something Designed By You speaks I love you Dad!

There is no better way to tell Dad he means the world and he matters to you than a gift designed by you, with a special note, message or idea of yours brought to life! We can do that for you! Check out the range of Fathers Day gifts here for more.…… Father’s Day Special  or   For Him Special Gifts