Personalised Mothers Day Gifts that will warm her heart & put a smile on her face!

Mothers Day is coming up quickly, but don’t worry, we have a great selection of personalised Mother’s day gifts that are guaranteed to thrill Mum and make her feel exceptional.

Mothers Day is that special time of the year when we appreciate our Mums, GranMums, Aunts and all of our motherly figures in our lives!

At Taz Gift Shop we have personalized gifts of all kinds for all kinds of Mums, the busy bee, the workaholic, the stay at home, the new Mum and every Mum. Our personalized gifts are hand made, made in Kenya and shipped anywhere in Kenya as a way to express our love for Mums.

Mothers Day gifts come in a sizes and shapes. Many duties sometimes keep us away from visiting Mum but for lucky some still living with their Mums we have gifts to surely make her feel special, happy and loved.

Giving it a personal touch with photos

Of course she loves flowers, a meal out to celebrate her, however a specific gift with her mind that shows you really thought of her really does do wonders! For the Mum that loves her gadgets, a personalized phone cover with her favourite image would be the perfect gift, or how about a personalized hand bag with her favourite memorable location she visited, or a photo collage with all her favourite photos, from her own life ! and all the treasured moments you have spent with her.  Examples include, baby photos, wedding, family holiday photos. A personalized pillow , photo canvas print, photo blanket / towel with her favourite photos and a message for her also works as a wonderful gift to remind her of you every time she sees or uses it. Check out the range of personalized gifts for Mum here link

Capturing her Interests in the Gift!

She really does mean the world ! and we want her to know that.

Hand made personalized gifts are surely a winning choice for any kind of Mum….For the jewellery lover, we have jewellery to suit her every style! For the Mum who loves cooking, a cooking hamper with all the lovely kitchen goodies she will treasure, including personalized chopping board and apron. If Mum is the type who loves decorating her home or garden, a gardening hamper or home décor piece will definitely make her smile!

Make Mothers Day a truly memorable moment for Mum she will truly remember, and don’t forget to include a personalized card or message for her that will always remind her of you when she sees it. Lets show her how special she is according to her own hobbies, interests or likes.

For The Stylish Trendy Mum

A personalized handbag with her name, necklace with her name, jewellery organizer , keychain or scarf are just a few of the amazing options for Mum treats she will love guaranteed to make her day. Check out some of the various options we have for the stylish Mum at hers shopping and gifts collection

For The House Proud Mum

We all know the Mums that are house proud and love decorating their home. The house proud Mum will be happy to have any of our personalized gifts eg. Photoframes, Wall clock, coaster sets, home décor pieces, personalized wall art and so much more available here decor  or personalised-gifts

For The Mum Who Loves Collectibles

If Mum is the type who loves collecting memories, flicking through family photos and sharing the memories via her phone, then a personalized photo book, photo canvas or a customized photo collage in a frame would be the perfect addition to her memorabilia or collectibles!

For The Mum Who Loves Her Cozy Nights In!

We have you totally covered for the Mum that loves cosy nights watching a movie, lounging on the sofa after a hard days work or cuddling away with her family on her favourite couch. She will love our personalized cushions, pillows, personalized blankets, and super cosy and comfy extra special gifts with her favourite location, family photo, portrait or photo on the personalized gift! She will always have something to keep her warm and remind her of you !

For The Foodie Mum

We have the perfect personalized goodies for Mum who loves her food, is a super genius in the kitchen and that incudes personalized kitchen essentials that will brighten up her any day. Check out some our own favourites of kitchen goodies here  including personalized chopping board, apron, chef hat, mugs set and lots more And a perfect gift add on that would be a win win at any occasion is a cooking hamper with all her favourite cooking stuff




personalised gifts

Mothers Day Gifts That Will Make Her Day!

Mothers Day Gifts got better with the options of including the colour, print or text or photo of your choice for the personalized gifts.

When your looking for a Gift for Mum that will not break the bank ! ….there is more than one or two options to choose from…..

Mum Day Gifts To Meet Every Budget

Its simple getting Mum the perfect gift, no matter the budget! You really don’t have to break the bank to get her the best! If its not a car, house or vacation holiday then we have gifts that will meet every pocket and here are some examples of gifts according to price range in mind.

Under 2000

There is so much to choose from within KShs. 2000,  you are sure to find something to please Mum. There is definitely some gift options you will have within KShs. 2000 if that is the budget you are looking at,you could choose from a custom made mother’s day card along with a calendar for the new year /  a jewelry piece/ chocolate bar with her name and message/ personalized mug/ socks notebook/ wallet or cupcakes. And if your not sure what to get there is always the option for a personalized gift voucher for the amount you like!

2000 – 5000:

At Taz Gift Shop there is definitely something for everyone, including Mum on mothers day if you have got to KShs. 5000 to spend. Within 5000, you are sure to get something wonderful including from a good quality handbag, a phone cover with her favourite image, jewellery set, cake flowers and chocolates treats, a personalized blanket, robe or kitchen kit plus a custom made gift hamper.

5000 – 10,000:

When you have to KShs. 10,000 to spend on Mum, the choice is practically endless! From a custom made photo frame/ collage piece to home decoration, or an amazing hot air balloon with her favourite mixed treat gifts in a surprise gift box.  Or how about a designer bag or flower chocolate bouquet. There is certainly plenty to choose from.

10,000 – 20,000

You will be amazed at the variety you will have to select from within a KShs. 20,000 budget. How about get a mix of lovely goodies e.g. A personalized blanket/ fleece, pillow, lotion cream and spray set along with her favorite perfume / jewelry. Or how about a high quality home decoration along with a personalized gift. Head over here to see all Mothers Day gifts here

 Anything above 20,000

Mum deserves to be spoilt on Mothers Day. There is a lot of choose from here when it comes to anything in KShs. 20,000. The options include, a home decoration, beddings set or table mat and floor mat / rug, or how about a luxury handbag and perfume / premium luxury clothing set / bathroom set.

Time Is Running, You Need To Pick A Gift Quick

Gift Vouchers are the perfect way to show Mum she is one in a million and you didn’t forget Mothers Day.

A printed voucher with her name to spend on a spa or massage treat, or on anything from our store is sure to make her feel special. It’s a great time saver, and if you prefer to go environmentally friendly, online vouchers are available too that can be sent directly to her phone.

She can walk in to the spa or massage outlet and show the voucher from her phone, or redeem the voucher by shopping for anything online from our website. This way she chooses exactly what she wants you and her are happy, and it’s a perfect treat for Mum !