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The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Perfect Gift

The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Perfect Gift ! …. 8 Proven Ways…

Okay, so it’s a fact – not everyone has the gift-giving gene. Don’t we all know some people who always come out with the best gifts at parties, are known to always pick the coolest more unusual and really wow gifts ! and Don’t we all know those that struggle to find a cool gift despite always having the best intention.

We are here to make sure every single person reading this is the former not later.

Next time there is a socially distant get together or sending a gift to loved one to their doorstep, we will make sure you stand out to have the magnificent, stunning, to impress gift !

Below are our most fun, easy, creative tips for picking the perfect gift that your loved one will treasure and that you will be really proud & happy to gift :

  1. Solve a Problem You and they know they have!

If you know the person well this will help, find a problem in your recipients’ life and see how you can solve it. Think they don’t have problems? Everyone has problems. There is bound to be something!

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic , many are stuck indoors …and boredom kicks in! Plan a party with the recipients family and friends ( ofcourse keeping it socially distant ofcourse)

If they live a busy life, working mostly and have been complaining of body pain or no time to visit the barber / spa, get them a manicure/ pedicure/ massage voucher courtesy of Taz Gift Shop Loyalty program or a manicure/pedicure set as part of a spa hamper.

If they live a busy life, gift them a gift certificate for a specific amount they can spend in store / online with us.

  1. Search / Understand their Interests

If they like gardening opt for a gardening hamper/gardening kit.

If they are the creative type or love cooking, get them a creativity hamper or cooking kit.

If they like pampering themselves, beauty gift sets are always a hit!

If they love make up, then you know that’s what should be part of the gift!

If they love nature, buy them a camping kit, or a plant, nature book, wildlife and plants painting / wall art!

If they love unique scents, why not some home incense sticks or a unique perfume!

If they are a clean freak, why not a keep clean hamper (very unconventional but works!)

If they love eco friendly stuff, are going organic or into the healthy living, why not try an organic beauty set, eco friendly camping kit, or a healthy living eco hamper. ( and make sure that the wrapping is also low carbon, minimal environmental waste /plastic free ! this will be a highlight for them!)

Find their source of inspiration, their interests and go for that in the gift! You can never go wrong with this one! And we at Taz Gift Shop have you covered with all the above.

  1. Make it Easy for them! Simple….

If you’re going to buy a gift card make sure its dated and scheduled! so even if it has to be rescheduled they can.

If your partners love language is Gifts…. then flashy doesn’t mean sassy!.i.e.. everything that glitters is not gold… and practical trumps flashy anytime! ….so instead of going for flashy only… try something practical, useful, that they will be able to use and that will last e.g.. Taz Gift Shop practical gift hampers, flowers + candle holder / candle stick holder, flowers + notebook/journal with his or her name / a home manicure set or beauty set, kitchen essentials or a robe, socks and mug set courtesy of Taz Gift Shop –

  1. The recipient know best!

It’s natural to want to be thoughtful when gift giving, but sometimes asking the recipient what they want works the very best! Who knows the recipient the best? The recipient. If you have asked them what they want and you’re lucky to get an answer…stick to it! That is the gift they will love, cherish and want most! We can customise for you exactly what the recipient will love most! Check out some of our custom-made gift hampers here And contact us for more on how to get yours.

  1. Choose a Gift that will keep giving !

Studies show that people value a useful item more if they receive it as a gift than if they buy it for themselves because novelty wears off but sentimentality doesn’t.

Therefore that said, its natural to think that any gift that captures the heart, or captures a moment will surely work. Next time your choosing a gift, why not contact us at Taz Gift Shop for a unique gift like no other – we will capture the moments for you.. whether it is a photo album that compiles all the latest photos of your recent get away or a painting of the recipients favourite location. Sentimentality goes the extra mile and is very impactful especially around special life events like birthdays, anniversaries, wedding or baby shower. Studies find that physical items make better gifts than experiences for such occasions.

What will make it extra extra special… Personalising it….

Put their initial or their photo or name or the date and a short message… and it will etch memory in their mind like nothing else…. The recipient will remember you every time they wear it or use it and be thankful you got them something like that. !

We sell personalised gifts which you can find here ….

We, Taz Gift Shop engrave name, text, add photo or initial on jewellery, accessories, mugs, pillows, robes, socks, keychains, gift sets and much more.

How about a jewellery piece of his or her birthstone, with his or her initial and the birth date engraved on inside? Such a personalisation makes the gift unique, stand out and will be remembered for years to come for the occasion you celebrated together.

  1. Boost Your Business With Gift Giving

Now more than ever, companies are gifting their clients, corporates are recognising their customers on special occasions e.g. Xmas, Eid, Diwali and on the company birthdays or clients birthdays.

To stand out from the crowd, gift hampers sent on these special occasions make for an elegant, sophisticated and unique way of showing your appreciation to them.

Taz Gift Shop sells corporate gift hampers. Contact us for your company gifting needs.

  1. Put the “Present” in Presentation

Many think, presentation is everything….we believe it counts for something!. So, make sure next time you gift someone, its special because you put the ‘present’ in presentation.

A special well thought out presentation of your present always elicits emotion and forms memories that attach to the gift to give it extra value and appreciation.

We at Taz Gift Shop will add a note or card with the gift, to include your thoughtful message for any occasion.

And we can also make it a fun unwrapping experience upon request!… On request, we can disguise a small gift in a giant package or wrap a gag gift to reveal the real one separately presented. Some of the interesting ways we can put the ‘present’ in presentation.

  1. Make sure it is the best!

If you are going for a physical item not an experience, then you must make sure it’s the best! To get the best, pooling funds together with other gift givers works, or think exceptional small gift than average big one! That is where we can come in to make sure that we provide you the best. Some of our Top 10 Gifts available here

These strategies should come in handy when choosing your next best gift! Please do leave your comments, below if you have any strategies or ideas to share! …. We are always willing to hear from you! .

Taz Gift Shop has a range of gifts for any occasion for men, women and kids, for every season and reason so you are never left behind, whether it’s a last minute rush gift or a personalised gift that took some time to put together!.

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