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Tis The Season To Be Jolly!

Top 10 End of Year Gifts (Christmas 2023)

It’s that time of the year again when jingle bells are ringing and Taz Gift Shop Santa has some special treats for us ! This year santa decided to bring a new twist to the festive season at Taz Gift Shop!

We have put together our favorite Top 10 end of year gifts for the holiday season!

1. Customized Mixed Snacks & Sweet Treats Christmas Hampers (for family and friends) Official / Corporate Gift Hamper for ( corporate and office colleagues ) !

Whether you are having an end of year party at home or at work, there is something for everyone ! Customized Christmas and New Year Hampers are definitely a show stopper at that party ! Curated with Christmas / new year themed content this is sure to be a win with family, friends and colleagues! Check out some of our choices here Christmas and New Year 2024

2. Relaxation & Rejuvenation Hamper

At the end of a year everyone would love a gift with which they can relax, unwind and rejuvenate ! a hamper that has ‘its time for some self-love!’ all over it is the perfect kind of treat that a loved one, friend or even colleague would appreciate!and that is why the relaxation hampers containing treats such as soothing tea, comforting lotion , cream and spray set, bath bombs, scented candle, chocolates and a spa voucher are ideal as an end of year gift!

3. New Year Diary/ Notebook

The year is coming to an end, everyone is planning their goals, ambitions and plans for the coming year, a new year notebook or diary plus a calendar for the new year is the best gift to receive this festive season. Check out our options of diaries, notebooks and calendars at diary calendar gift sets and calendars-for-new-year 2024  and feel free to reach out to us in case of any inquiries on personalization of your favorite diary or calendar!

4. Christmas Themed Pajamas Sets, Scarf, Mittens with Blanket

Christmas Themed Pajamas Sets, Scarf, Mittens with Blanket – end the year in style and fun! The excitement of Christmas is here, so look and feel good with Christmas themed clothing sets for you and the whole family! beanie hat scarf and gloves warmer set and soft fleece blanket personalized

5. Personalized Christmas Gifts

A personalized gift with a unique Christmas touch! There is never a better time than now to gift loved ones with a thoughtful gift they will cherish, especially when its personalized and has their name on it! See more of our personalized gifts personalized gifts

6. Perfumes, Body & Self Care Gifts

Perfume, Body care and Self care Gift Pack – it’s that time of the year to let your worries go, free the mind and endulge in all things nice! And therefore our self care hampers are the perfect gift this Christmas for loved ones to need that much deserved break! More of all the self care gifts on this page

7. Art & Decor Gifts

The Gift of Art & Décor ! – for all the lovers of  design, decorators and creative people out there, there is definitely a perfect gift this holiday season that is sure to make them feel all special inside! And that would be our favourite gift of art itself! How about gift a loved one, friend or colleague a wall painting or a home decoration piece that will brighten their home, freshen their space for the new year and leave an indelible mark of happiness in their heart! Check out our home décor range

8. Smell Good Gifts

Gift that smell good! Fragrances are the perfect gift add on to any Christmas or New Year Gift package. Talk to us about purchasing your favorite perfume or scent.

9. Practical Functional Gifts

A picnic basket, outdoor gift pack, set of new mugs for the holiday or yoga mat and new gym wear for the fitness fanatics , or what about a personalized phone cover to start the new year with; more at outdoor gifts and also wearable-gifts, ecogifts  and we are not done when it comes to end of year treats ! How about something for the tech savvy ! See our practical functional end of year tech gifts accessories and techgifts

10. End of Year Gift Vouchers!

Who doesn’t love being treated well? Especially if it means that they can receive gift that gives them a free treat to the spa or free shopping ! and that is where our Gift Vouchers come in! Treat your favorite people in the world this holiday with a gift voucher courtesy of  gift vouchers

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