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10 Gifts to Beat the Cold Weather !

    1. Fleece Blankets / Shukas – while the rest of the world seems to be getting warmer, here in Kenya the weather is getting colder! When it’s time to gift this cold season,  keep the cold away with a heart warming gift like a fleece blanket with the receivers name! A personalized touch always speaks volume in itself to show that you really thought about the person receiving the gift! Available in store @ shukas or blankets
    2. Warm Robes / Gloves and Scarfs Set – how about a robe customized with his or her name ! Such a gift is sure to warm anyone’s heart and show them you truly care for them! Check out scarfs
    3.   Cosy Throw Pillows or cushions – it aways brings smiles and is always a great gesture to receive a throw pillow. How about go one step further and have the pillow printed or embroidered with the receivers name and a photo of a memory together, a photo of their favourite spot ! This is sure to be a keepsake gift that the receiver will always cherish and that remind him or her of you when he sees it or uses the pillow ! For more of our throw pillows and cushions have a look at this link @ pillowcases & pillows
    4. Personalised Hoodies / Sweaters –at Taz Gift Shop we can customize a hoodie or sweater with a design or name or image too, available in different sizes and colours – and this works as a perfect gift and must have during the cold season. Check out our personalized hoodies
    5. Hot Cupcakes (straight from the oven!) or a warm sweet treats gift box – there is nothing like receiving a literally warm gift in the cold weather! It is sure to light up the heart and make any ones day brighter and warmer! Hot cupcakes delivered to their doorstep, or a sweet treats gift box containing as of these delicious treats such as cupcakes, cake pop, chocolate coated strawberries, warm doughnuts or brownies, or warm cinemmon rolls or marshmallow swirls, cream buns, pound cakes, chocolate coated fruits and nuts, nutella brownie pops and to top it hot chocolate bombs! It’s a show stopper warming gift! Check out more of our hot sweet treats and personalised sweet treats
    6. Fluffy Socks & Slippers Set – you can never go wrong with a set of fluffy socks and slippers that can be paired with any of our other gifts such as warm hat, cosy scarf or blanket .
    7. Beanie Hat, Soft Scarf , Gloves Set – a colour matching set of scarf and hat with globes are a must have during the cold, however as a gift they are also definitely a sure shot! And can be added into our occasion gift hampers or self care hamper !Its always a great idea to know the foot size of the receiver if possible before hand! Check out more of our warm and fluffy personalized socks and gloves and beanie hat and scarf sets
    8. For the baby – soft warm plush toy! – if its happening during the cold season, it’s a great chance to share in the joy of a babys arrival with a baby gift that is well thought out. Baby blankets are a sure winner and so are baby soft plush toys  that will not only cheer baby up and keep them smiling during the cold, but also keep baby warm ! You also can get the musical plush toys or blankets that have a plush toy attached to them! More @ childrens toys
    9. Office Room Heater – during the cold months, everyone is finding ways to keep warm! And during gift giving time, why not share a practical and functional gift like a home or office room heater that will drive the cold out and remind the receiver you really cared for them and their health too! The heaters are automatic temperature controlled, over heat protection with a indicator light, adjustable thermostat and thermal automatic cut-out!  Check out office heaters
    10. Tea /Coffee Cup Warmer –  anyone who loves tech and loves to begin their day with a hot cup of tea or coffee will love a mug warmer as a gift! Now they don’t need to worry about making sure to keep their drink warm enough during the cold season! It works as a thoughtful gift with a touch of class!   Our tea or coffee cup warmers comes in a gift box made of high-quality material, heating evenly, safe and durable to use with a compact design:  suitable for most stainless-steel cups, baby bottles, ceramic cups, glass cups. It is portable and also majically designed with Gravity induction: the cup is automatically powered off when it is removed from the heating coaster and is perfect for home and office use. Find the hot drink warmers here
    11. Self care Relaxation Hamper  – these are the perfect gifts to give during the cold weather. Our self care, spa and warming hampers contain from a scented candle, bath soak or bath bombs, tea or coffee or hot chocolate, lotion/ cream, fluffy soft socks, slippers, shawl, blanket and even massage oil and essential oils, spa voucher, notebook/journal ( for those who love to start their day or wind their evening journalling / reflecting), Such a gift is sure to leave a lasting impression and it a perfect way to allow the receiver to unwind, unplug, relax and rejuvenate!See our self care hampers here with gift vouchers and more !

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